Landscaping Underway

Great news everyone we have started landscaping the (soon to be) private garden outside the studio. We have purchased plants and have been busy preparing the ground for them to go in over the next few days. Here are some pictures to help you visualise our plans.


The pathway leading to the studio. We will have ferns growing among the rocks that line the path and there will be a pair of rose bushes on either side of the door.


The rose bushes waiting, patiently to go in. The bricks in the background are going to be used to pave part of the garden and build an outdoor table. Al fresco dining in summer. Pure bliss!


It looks a bit bleak now, but once the plants are all in it will be lovely and green… We are going to be planting bamboo along the paving and that will screen the garden from the parking area ensuring privacy.

The garden will improve the exterior aesthetics immeasurably and greatly contribute to the quality of your stay. We look forward to hosting you.

Please click here to book your stay today!



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